Adam Carolla Show

Part 2: Hammered Heroes + News (ACS December 5)

The hosts of the 'Hammered Heroes' podcast, Sophie Santos and Brendan Fitzgibbons, come in to talk about the best performances by professional athletes while they were drunk, high, or hungover. They get into Charles Barkley getting blackout drunk before a 76ers game, Dock Ellis pitching a no-hitter on LSD, and Diego Maradona doing cocaine on the field. Gina Grad reports the news of today including: Twitter suspending Kanye West's account again after he tweeted a swastika, a studio offering free removal of Kanye West tattoos, the Liver King admitting his steroid use, the story behind the new 'Cocaine Bear' movie, and physicists designing a splash-free urinal. PLUGS: Listen to Brendan Fitzgibbons and Sophie Santos 'Hammered Heroes' wherever you find podcasts Learn more about Sophie and Brendan at and And Follow them on Instagram, @The_BrendanFitzgibbons and @SophieSantos THANKS FOR SUPPORTING TODAY'S SPONSORS: Enter code: ADAM The Jordan Harbinger Show

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