Adam Carolla Show

Part 2: Colin Mochrie talks Improv Comedy with Hypnotized People, plus The News (ACS Oct 27)

At the top of Part 2, Adam chats with Colin Mochrie about his love of improv comedy, how laziness and ignorance can be major assets, and the joy of making your friends look good. They also discuss people needing to become better listeners, and improvising with people who are hypnotized. Later, Adam asks Colin for his thoughts on the Dave Chappelle blowback. In the last part of the show, Gina reads news stories about 'needle spiking', Alec Baldwin, sports announcers interrupted by a drunk fan, Jeff Bezos, strange discoveries from the past, and a painful-sounding procedure to make you taller. Please support today's sponsors: enter ADAM enter CAROLLA15 Check Out The Jordan Harbinger Show Podcast

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