Adam Carolla Show

Part 2: Byron Bowers + News (ACS November 18)

Comedian and actor, Byron Bowers, comes to the studio and talks about moving to LA from Atlanta with only $500 in his pocket, couch surfing, getting abandoned by his father at a crack house, and microdosing at the Oscars during 'the slap' incident. Gina Grad reports the news of today including: Jay Leno getting hyperbaric treatment and Pete Davidson dating Emily Ratajkowski. PLUGS: Check out David Fenton's 'The Activist's Media Handbook: Lessons from Fifty Years as a Progressive Agitator' wherever you find books And follow David on Twitter, @DFenton Watch 'Byron Bowers: Spiritual N***a' streaming now on Hulu Visit for live dates And follow Byron on Twitter and Instagram, @ByronBowers THANKS FOR SUPPORTING TODAY'S SPONSORS: This episode is sponsored by BetterHelp The Jordan Harbinger Show, Enter code: ADAM

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