Adam Carolla Show

Part 1: T.J. Miller, plus Trending Topics (ACS Dec 1)

Adam opens today's podcast talking to Bryan and Gina about his crazy morning of press, including some nearly-overlapping hits, and a chat with Artie Lange. They also talk about the increased need for attack crows, Dawson's love of Jack in the Box, and second hand smoke commercials. T.J. Miller then calls in to talk about his trip to upstate New York, awkward conversations with drivers, and his varied career from 'Deadpool' to 'Office Christmas Party' to 'Gravity Falls'. Later, the guys make fun of people who answer their phones in public bathrooms, and watch a classic Man Show sketch. Before the break, Chris enters the studio with some Trending Topics. Please support today's sponsors: Masterworks.IO/ADAMCAROLLA Lucy.Co enter ADAM

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