Adam Carolla Show

Part 1: Soul Train's Don Cornelius + Martin Dugard (ACS November 28)

Adam predicts the next NFL rule for player celebrations before diving into the bizarre persona and scandals of 'Soul Train' creator, Don Cornelius. Author Martin Dugard comes in to talk about his new book, 'Taking Berlin: The Bloody Race to Defeat the Third Reich' which follows the race between the Allies and Soviets to conquer the heart of Nazi Germany. Martin talks about the motivations for Hitler's suicide and flying around the world at twice the speed of sound before they get into The New York Times' coverage of Nazis and the Holocaust. PLUGS: Check out Martin Dugard's 'Taking Berlin: The Bloody Race to Defeat the Third Reich' wherever you find books Learn more about Martin Dugard's work at And follow Martin on Twitter, @MartinJDugard Check out Krayzie Bone's 'Truth Talks' on YouTube Learn about Krayzie Bone's 'Spread the Love Foundation' at Visit for merch, music and more And follow Krayzie on Twitter, @IAmKrayzieBone THANKS FOR SUPPORTING TODAY'S SPONSORS: enter ADAM The Jordan Harbinger Show

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