Adam Carolla Show

Part 1: Sharae Moore Talks Trucking, plus Gina Grad Brings the News (ACS Oct 15)

At the top of the show, Adam plays the recent clip of Dr. Drew interrupting Gina right as she tried to deliver the punchline to a joke. They also listen back to hilarious re-enactment about 'Jake and the Fat Man', as well as a porn parody intro that Gina sang. Sharae Moore is on the line next, and Adams talks with her about her transition from nursing to trucking. They also talk about the 7-week truck driving course that she teaches, how the CB radio is involved in today's modern trucker life, and thoughts on the Trucker Tab. Gina then starts the news with a viral video about an inappropriate messaging relationship with the governor of Alaska. Before the break, they talk about an increase of violence in Las Vegas since Coronavirus began. Please support today's sponsors: enter ADAM enter ADAM enter ADAM

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