Adam Carolla Show

Part 1: Remembering Gallagher + The Rotten Tomatoes Game (ACS November 14)

Adam gets into the issues with having a 'feeling based' society and how all roads lead to narcissism. With Gallagher passing away, the gang remembers the comedian and how he did so much more than smash things with a hammer. Finally, they play a round of 'The Rotten Tomatoes Game' with movies featuring campaigns and elections and take a look at the evolution of the Milwaukee Bucks logo. PLUGS: See Harland Williams live: Lafayette, LA - Club 337 - Thursday Dallas, TX - The Kessler Theater - Friday For more dates, visit: Harland Williams .com Check out Harland Williams' 'Journeys' wherever you find books Check out his podcast, 'The Harland Highway' wherever you listen to podcasts And follow him on Instagram, @HarlandWilliams THANKS FOR SUPPORTING TODAY'S SPONSORS:, Enter code: ADAM The Jordan Harbinger Show

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