Adam Carolla Show

Part 1: Jimmy Kimmel and Kevin Ryder - KROQ Memories and Surviving Coronavirus (ACS Mar 23)

Adam, Gina and Bryan are all recording live from their own homes. Adam then discusses the recent Coronavirus deaths in LA, and takes a call from Matt Schulte who contracted the virus while on a trip to Colorado. Adam asks Matt to walk us through all the symptoms he's had, what it was like getting tested, and what the recovery process has been like. Jimmy Kimmel and Kevin Ryder then both join the line. Kevin, formerly of Kevin and Bean, then talks with Adam about his recent firing from KROQ, and Jimmy explains how crazy things have been since doing his daily show from home. Later the guys share some of their favorite memories from the early days of KROQ, and the guys give updates on where some of the personalities from over the years are today. PLEASE SUPPORT TODAY'S SPONSORS! enter ADAM

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