Adam Carolla Show

Part 1: 6th Street Bridge Chaos + Trending Topics (ACS July 28)

The recently opened 6th street bridge in Los Angeles has been closed for illegal activity and public safety concerns, and Adam thinks if we can't even open a bridge, we are truly done for. They look at an LA supervisor calling people snowflakes and realize it's the same one who dined outdoors right after the voting in favor of the outdoor dining ban. Adam talks about how he had to get a picture of Bill Burr for his son and running into John Tesh at the same show. Chris presents a round of 'Trending Topics' including: Aaron Rodgers arriving at Packers training camp looking like Nic Cage in 'Con Air', a series racist Rosita snubs at Sesame Place, and users unsubscribing from Hulu for not airing political ads. THANKS FOR SUPPORTING TODAY'S SPONSORS: Download DAVE on Apple or Google Play The Jordan Harbinger Show

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