Off The Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe

Overcoming Adversity One Day at a Time with Jana Webb

Jana Webb joins Kaitlyn in this episode to share the incredible story of how she continues to overcome adversity in her professional and personal life. To say life has thrown her some curveballs is an understatement, yet her mental and physical strength as well as her "determined to be better than I was before" mindset have pulled her through some very difficult moments. Jana is a fellow-Canadian gal and the founder of Joga, a hybrid of the science of yoga with the biomechanics of sport movement. @JogaJana has worked and continues to work with top athletes across the world to help maximize their performance, even in the face of major injuries she endured from a life-threatening accident. This episode is sure to leave you feeling motivated to take on the day and live out your dreams, no matter what hurdles you may encounter along the way. Although Kaitlyn was running a little late to the recording, due to internet issues (again, leave us alone Tommy), the two of them made up for it with a tall glass of wine, some valuable life lessons, and vulnerable moments. Everyone has their own story to share, and we thank Jana for sharing hers in the hopes of making an impact on the Vinos and beyond. 

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