Babies and Beer

The baby is here!! Brando visits Cassiday and her husband Jerry at home to discuss the birth, being new parents and going VIRAL.

Babies and Beer
00:51:39 3/11/2018

Past Episodes

Cassiday is hosting Thanksgiving while Brando has been banned from Thanksgiving. Plus, Brando reveals his reveals his recipe for what he calls whisky sours and Cassiday reveals her true feelings about craft brewers who sell out.
00:26:38 11/21/2018
Brando's son is upset he didn't make the Jr. High Basketball Team, Cassiday's son is upset he can't eat a microphone and the pair ponder the question of whether or not it's okay to take kids to a funeral.
00:33:16 10/6/2018
Cassiday and her family visit Brando's Mom and Dad's house for a Labor Day party with crying kids, annoyed spouses and pork steaks. Plus, Brando's Mom makes a cameo.
00:30:10 9/7/2018
Cassiday and Brando enjoy some offerings from Schlafly Brewing while sitting on the deck and discussing the challenges of breastfeeding and dealing with an 8-year-old and his newfound interest in setting fires.
00:00:00 8/14/2018
Cassiday and Brando talk about recent parenting success and fails, including the time his 8 year old drank some of Brando's beer (and liked it). Plus, Adam and Danny from Deschutes Brewery pop in to talk about some of their most popular beers and their new Hazy IPA.
00:40:53 7/14/2018
In this "very special episode", Cassiday and Brando can't mix their usual parenting stories with beer because they're at work. But that doesn't stop them from tackling topics like Cassiday struggling to find time to get her nails done and how Brando over-scheduling his life may cause him to miss his daughter's birthday. Plus, they'll still squeeze some beer talk into the mix too (of course). This one's for you, Zach!
00:24:54 6/21/2018
Cassiday is back to work and adjusting to life as a working mother while Brando is getting ready for a beach vacation with the family. Plus, baby Jameson makes a few cameos.
00:53:46 6/4/2018
Cassiday is starting to get the hang of being a mom but worries about going back to work while Brando is worried about looking silly in front of his kids when he plays in an alumni baseball game. Plus, five new beers to taste including one they both LOVE!
00:45:15 4/26/2018
Brandon from Craft Beer Cellar joins Cassiday and Brando to sample several different beers and to talk about parenting while dropping some serious beer knowledge in the process. Cassiday also injured her baby for the first time (on accident, of course) and Brando is starting to freak out about his coming family vacation to Florida. Plus, you won't want to miss the parenting life hack featuring Scotch Tape!
00:51:38 4/13/2018
Cassiday and Brando return to their usual recording spot, Craft Beer Cellar to talk about the latest developments for Cassiday the new mom and Brando the less than new dad. They share a flight of beers and some much needed time away from the kids while tackling topics like infant surgery, breast feeding struggles and when is a sour beer too sour.
01:02:31 3/29/2018

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