Off The Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe

Montana Tucker: Be Proud To Be You

TikTok superstar and all-around inspiration, Montana Tucker, joins Kaitlyn to start off Pride Week by sharing details around her new single, "Be Myself" and talking all about finding your passions and sticking to them, no matter what the haters say. Kaitlyn and Montana bond over their shared love of dancing, the beauty of TikTok for finding your niche, and their biggest inspirations (obviously Britney is discussed). Montana opens up about the bullying she faced in school and why, despite the occasional troll and unwelcomed comparison culture, she's incredibly grateful for social media. Stay tuned for Kaitlyn and Montana's upcoming TikTok collab... you won't want to miss it! 

You can find Montana on Instagram @montanatucker and make sure to check out her new single, Be Myself, on June 4!

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