Off The Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe

Monica the Medium: Messages & Signs From Our Loved Ones

Get ready for an emotional, intense, and incredibly revealing episode as Monica Ten-Kate, gifted Spirit Medium, joins Kaitlyn and co-host Lo virtually, as she is feeling under the weather and experiencing mom-brain, but still as intune as ever. The three of them chat about Monica's life as a new mom and the amazing ability children have to communicate with the spirits around us. In today's episode, Kaitlyn and Lo are not holding back from asking the big questions: What happens when we die? Do dogs go to heaven? What signs should we be looking for from our loved ones who have passed? And then, Monica taps into an unintentional reading for Kaitlyn as several of her loved ones come through, including one of Kaitlyn's best friends who finally has a chance to share messages with KB. You will not want to miss this emotional reunion.

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