Adam Carolla Show

Mike Glazer on Roller Hockey, Hawaiian Pizza, and Right to Disconnect

Mike Glazer joins the show and the guys chat about a new California bill allowing employees to ignore their bosses' calls and messages during non-work hours. The guys also discuss pizza toppings and Mike chats about winning the gold medal as a roller hockey goalie for Team USA. The guys also do the final round of March Madness Madness. Chris reports news stories about a $30m LA heist, the Oakland A's opting to play in Sacramento until the Las Vegas stadium is built, and an actress' dog being shot by an Instacart delivery man. For more with Mike Glazer: * His special, "Life Rules," is available now on YouTube * PODCAST: "Life Rules! The Show" * TWITTER & IG: @glazerboohoohoo Thank you for supporting our sponsors: * or Dial #LAW (#529) *

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