Adam Carolla Show

Michael Yo + Luenell (ACS September 23)

Michael Yo returns to the show to talk with Adam about chick think vs. dude think, deaging skin cream, Michelle Obama's book, and handicap horse parking. They are joined by the legendary comedian, Luenell, who talks to them about working with Dave Chappelle on a new special, starting an 'Only Fans' page, how she was cast in 'The Rock', and how a foot fetish is a victimless crime. THANKS FOR SUPPORTING TODAY'S SPONSORS: PLUGS: Watch Michael Yo's special, 'Michael Yo: I Never Thought' available for free on YouTube here: See more Michael Yo's live show dates at Listen to Michael's podcast, 'Yo Show with Michael Yo' wherever you find podcasts And follow hom on Twitter and Instagram, @MichaelYo Find Luenell's live show dates at And check her out on YouTube and Instagram, @HeyLuenell!

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