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Mark Twitchell - SK Confessions

In October 2008, filmmaker, aspiring screenwriter, and wannabe serial killer, Mark Twitchell, pretended to be a woman on an online dating website and lured Johnny Altinger to a rented garage under the pretense of a romantic encounter. Instead, Twitchell ambushed Altinger and murdered him in a brutal manner. Twitchell then wrote a document called "SK Confessions" which detailed his thoughts, plans, and actions related to the murder of Altinger, as well as the attempted murder of Gilles Tetreault. In this episode, retired FBI profilers Julia Cowley, Angela Sercer, and Bob Drew analyze "SK Confessions" and discuss what they believe it reveals about Twitchell's true motives.

Music by John Hanske. You can listen to John's music on Spotify.

Excerpts from "SK Confessions" were read by voice actor Aiden Cass. More of Aiden's work can be heard here:

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