Cheating: When Love Lies

Manifesting: Finding True Love Free From Cheating & Betrayal

My guest Jamie Bronstein is the author of "MAN*ifesting: A Step-by-Step Guide to Attracting the Love That Is Meant for You." This book will help you create the love life of your dreams. True love without cheating and betrayal. Jamie's book is so relatable: she shares her very personal stories of how she moved from insecurity and self-doubt, and stepped into her truth and authenticity after suffering failed relationships - and before she finally manifested, the one. But sometimes the road to manifesting takes a detour past infidelity. I asked Jamie "What do you do if the one - the manifested one - cheats on you?" What if you are tempted to cheat on them? Manifesting is all the rage: they say you can attract money, jobs, homes, cars, women and men! But does all this feel good visualizing really work?

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