Off The Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe

Malin Åkerman: Merkins, Cults, & Mama's Boys

It's time to fangirl with KB because the one and only Malin Akerman is on the pod! She's starred in so many of our favorite movies and Malin is not holding back today as she talks about her first impressions of fellow A-listers, her worst and strangest acting gigs (including one that features a merkin), and what she would relive if she could go back in time. Plus, she's sharing who she gets starstruck by (stars... they're just like us!), what Paul Rudd is like behind the scenes (#hallpass), and everything that went into filming her upcoming role for psychological thriller, The Aviary (trust us, you're going to want to watch this when it comes out Friday). And of course, both Kaitlyn & Malin are sharing confessions; Malin's hilllllarious confession that takes place in a field somewhere in Canada is one KB can definitely relate to.

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