It's Not Only Football: Friday Night Lights and Beyond

Little Girl, I Wanna Marry You

Scott Porter, Zach Gilford & Mae Whitman discuss Friday Night Lights, Season 1, Episode 13, "Little Girl, I Wanna Marry You". This episode is NOT only football - it's about chewing gum, cold Texas nights, moral die-lemmas, destiny & the illusion of control. The Panthers need to beat South Pine, Mama Smash confronts coach Taylor about Smaash's steroid use, Smash shows up at Coach's house, Smash has a tough convo with his mother, Coach takes Smash out to dinner, the Saracen family send off dad at the bus station, Matt does really well in the game, Mayor Rodell asks Tammy to join her campaign team, Tyra & her mother have an argument then get a flat tire, Buddy sets up Lyla on a date, Herc & Street spy on the date, Street confronts Buddy in the driveway, Herc gives Street some advice, and Jason Street proposes to Lyla. Plus, Scott finds his playbook, condensation trials, BTS on a few scenes! In "Overtime", Zach reveals an interesting fact about this episode. Submit your questions on YouTube or the Apple Podcasts Rate & Review section!

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