Off The Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe

Lisa Donovan: Astrology is the blueprint of your life

Lisa Donovan, Founder of the eerily accurate Astrology app, The Pattern, was unknowingly a part of Jason's secret proposal plan because she was scheduled as a guest on the podcast for that day and then cancelled without Kaitlyn knowing so that he could fulfill his proposal master plan. If you haven't listened to the proposal episode, you need to so you hear how Lisa was worked into it! But FINALLY Lisa joins Kaitlyn and Jason to read their individual charts using only their birth date, birth location and birth time... and the discoveries have both Kaitlyn and Jason (no longer a skeptic after this interview) speechless to the point that they have to remind themselves they are recording a podcast! Lisa also reads their relationship compatibility and discovers they are a very "rare couple" with "interesting compatibility" - one of them is a "wild card" and the other one is a "healer". 

You can find The Pattern on IG at @thepattern and download here:

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