Divorce Sucks with Laura Wasser

Let's Talk About Sex | Dr. Emily Morse & Unbound CEO Polly Rodriguez

Diving into the dating pool after a bad breakup or divorce is not easy, but at some point you'll surely be ready, and that means hopefully - there will be sex! So let's talk about sex. This week, Laura invites two experts in human sexuality to join her in the studio - sex therapist Dr. Emily Morse, a Doctor of Human Sexuality as well as an author and the host of the Sex with Emily podcast & radio show on SiruisXM Stars - And Polly Rodriguez, the CEO & Co-Founder of Unbound, "...an online shop for when you're feeling yourself,"as their Instagram description puts it oh-so-perfectly! In this week's Sunny Side Up Report, you'll hear how Hollywood keeps marriage alive by doing the work to become friends again with their exes, plus what's a 'baby prenup,' what's new in Danish divorces, and shocking news about the latest trend in "Gray" divorces.

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