LOST: Down the Hatch | Last Call Before The Rewatch

Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) welcomes his Welcome to Westworld podcast co-host Jo Garfein (@jopinionated) for the first-ever bonus episode of LOST Down the Hatch. 

In this podcast, Jo reports back from her own experience rewatching LOST, what she's gleaned from her decision to hop back down the hatch thus far, and more. They also discuss Jo's work as the co-founder and executive director of Cancer Gets LOST, an organization that raises money for various cancer charities via online and live auctions of rare and autographed pop culture memorabilia. Listen to the podcast for full details on CGL's next auction, launching August 21 through August 31, and head over to CancerGetsLOST.org for even more information.

At the end of the podcast, Josh and Jo also spend some time talking about their early theories for season three of Westworld. The Westworld conversation begins at around the 1:02:00 mark.

Josh and Mike Bloom (@AMikeBloomType) launch the first official episode of the rewatch on 8/23 with their recap of the two-part "Pilot." E-mail your questions, comments, theories and more at downthehatch@postshowrecaps.com.

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