Adam Carolla Show

Kyle Dunnigan and Governor Kevin Stitt Live From Oklahoma City (ACS Mar 2)

Adam opens today's live podcast from Bricktown Comedy Club doing some stand up about the hipster and homeless populations in Oklahoma City. Then, Adam brings out Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt and talks to him about why he went into politics, Gavin Newsom running businesses out of California, and how Oklahoma has handled the Coronavirus lockdowns. Adam tells a funny story about texting with John Popper before bringing out Gina, Bryan, and Kyle Dunnigan. President Joe Biden also joins the show and talks about the status of COVID vaccines and NY Governor Andrew Cuomo's sexual harassment allegations. After that, the gang plays a round of "The Rotten Tomatoes Game." Gina reports on today's news stories including: A mom whose kids got expelled from Catholic school because of her OnlyFans account, the woman who got kicked out of a basketball game for heckling LeBron being offered a porn contract, and the newly invented self-cleaning underwear. As the show wrap, Adam pulls some balls for a round of "Adam Carolla Is Unprepared." Please support today's sponsors: enter ADAM PlutoTV

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