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This week, we catch up with Kristin Hannah, author of the international bestseller THE NIGHTINGALE. Her new novel, THE GREAT ALONE, is a nail-biter about a trouble Vietnam vet who takes his family to rural Alaska to live off the land as they encounter harsh winters, hungry animals, and the vet's increasingly paranoid mind. Megan talks to debut novelist Joseph Cassara, whose novel THE HOUSE OF IMPOSSIBLE BEAUTIES, set in queer Harlem in the 1980s, our reviewer calls "fierce, tender, and heartbreaking." And our editors reveal which new bestsellers are up to snuff! 

00:50:00 2/6/2018

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In Megan Abbott's smart new thriller, GIVE ME YOUR HAND, Kit Owens, a rising star in a famous laboratory can track her success back to the one person in her life she'd like to forget. And that person doesn't want to leave Kit alone. "It will take more than a cold shower to still the blood thumping in your ears when you finish this," our reviewer writes in a starred review. Megan and Clay catch up with Megan on this week's episode. Jump over to MeUndies.com/KIRKUS for your TWENTY PERCENT OFF your first pair, FREE shipping and a ONE HUNDRED PERCENT Satisfaction Guarantee Visit GetQuip.com/Kirkus to get your first Quip Toothbrushes refill pack FREE!
00:55:00 7/17/2018
The protagonist of Ottessa Moshfegh's new novel, MY YEAR OF REST AND RELAXATION, doesn't just take some time off from her job; she spends a year hibernating with strong sedatives, in the hope that she'll emerge transformed. The novel is a nervy modern-day rebellion tale that isn't afraid to get dark or find humor in the darkness and we ask Moshfegh about writing it. Megan and Clay recommend some overlooked summer reading picks and our editors talk about their favorite reads this week.
00:51:00 7/10/2018
Angie Thomas' debut novel, THE HATE U GIVE, has spent an astounding 69 weeks on the New York Times young adult bestseller list and will be released as a movie this fall. In the novel, 16-year-old Starr Carter is a black girl and an expert at navigating the two worlds she exists in: her black neighborhood, and the other at her suburban, mostly white high school. Walking the line between the two becomes immensely harder when Starr is present at the fatal shooting of her childhood best friend by a white police officer. We caught up with Thomas recently and asked her about writing the novel. And our editors reveal which books are this week's best bets!
01:01:00 7/3/2018
This week, Megan and Clay ask David Sedaris about the snapping turtle he tried to feed his benign tumor to (the turtle's name was Granddaddy; the serious drift in his new collection of essays, CALYPSO; and what his siblings think about being written about so often by him. Have you ever wondered why your grade school English teacher insisted you stop ending a sentence with a preposition? We have the answer. And our editors reveal their favorite new books! 
00:50:00 6/26/2018
This week, we catch up with one of the bestselling YA writers publishing today - Cassandra Clare. She talks to us about her latest books, her upcoming series, and what it's like wanting to satisfy a lot of fans who have different ideas about what her characters should be doing. Megan and Clay speculate on the working method James Patterson and Bill Clinton used to co-write THE PRESIDENT IS MISSING and our editors reveal which new bestsellers are worth your time!
00:49:00 6/19/2018
This week, we're all about great summer reads. We talk to Jessica Knoll, whose debut, LUCKIEST GIRL ALIVE, was a major bestseller; her new thriller, THE FAVORITE SISTER, is an addictive thriller in which the set of a reality TV show gets a little too real and a star is murdered. But the novel is also a trenchant, deep dissection of contemporary feminism. And our editors join us to reveal their favorite summer reads!
00:57:00 6/11/2018
Rick Bragg has been telling stories about his family for decades now, including his bestselling books ALL OVER BUT THE SHOUTIN' and AVA'S MAN. His new book, THE BEST COOK IN THE WORLD, is about the "working-class mountain food" of his native Alabama and his mother, who does wonders with all kinds of Southern food. Megan and Clay talk about "trauma envy" among writers and our editors join us to talk about this week's bestellers.
00:56:00 6/5/2018
Barbara Ehrenreich is the notable writer who tackles whatever subjects interest her most: American poverty, the American idea of "positivity," and now, in NATURAL CAUSES, she returns with research and rumination on the complexity of our human bodies and the misconceptions of our minds. She urges that we recognize that death is natural, and that we enjoy our lives while we can. Megan and Clay talk about the summer books they're most excited about and our editors join the podcast to reveal which bestsellers are actually worth your time!
00:58:00 5/29/2018
This week, Kirkus Reviews editor Clay Smith interviews two-time National Book Award winner Jesmyn Ward live on stage from her recent book tour event in Austin, Texas. Ward's novel SING, UNBURIED, SING is the story of a family in rural Mississippi taking a road trip to the notoriously brutal Parchman prison, where a family member is being released. As with the best and most meaningful American fiction these days, old truths are recast in the novel in new realities rife with both peril and promise.
01:03:00 5/22/2018
This week, our hosts catch up with David Duchovny, who in addition to being an actor and musician, is a novelist (three times over!). His latest, MISS SUBWAYS, is an entertaining, postmodern fairy tale that tests the boundaries of love and fate. And our editors reveal which new books they think are well worth your time!
01:01:00 5/15/2018

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