The Jay Jay French Connection: Beyond the Music

Ken Kessler & Michael Fremer: Analog Wars, Part I

If there are two individuals who know the world of Hi-Fi audio, it's Ken Kessler & Michael Fremer. Ken is a Hi-Fi expert journalist, who joined Hi-Fi News & Record Review in 1983, to which he still contributes. He also writes a column for the website Soundstage UK, is the author of "Quad: The Closest Approach", "McIntosh ... For The Love Of Music", and co-author of "Sound Bites" and "KEF: Innovators In Sound." Michael Fremer is the editor of, and senior contributing editor at Stereophile magazine. He's also contributed to The New York Times, The San Francisco Chronicle, Consumer Digest, and The Bergen Record (New Jersey) among other publications and periodicals. These two audio experts are long-time friends of Jay Jay's, & their conversation was so extensive that we had to split it into two parts. This is "Analog Wars: Part I" with Ken Kessler & Michael Fremer. Produced & edited by Matthew Mallinger

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