Off The Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe

Kelli Erdmann: TikTok Dance Queen

Kaitlyn sits down with TikTok dance queen Kelli Erdmann as well as her talented BTS video editor husband, Freeman, to give listeners all the inside scoop on how they make their incredibly mesmerizing videos. The first video Kelli shared with her handful of TikTok followers garnered overnight attention with hundreds of thousands of views. Now we're seeing celebrities re-creating her super catchy dance moves and videos. From small town dancer, to dancing behind Britney Spears and on the stages of Broadway, Kelli shares her dance journey and the 'LONG WAIT' to meet her now husband Freeman. They have become a "TikTok power couple" and they oh-so-casually put to rest a lot of questions that keep followers up at night like who/what/when/where/how?!!! Kaitlyn also finds out who their dream dance partners would be and they are the last people you'd expect!

You can find Kelli on IG at @kelladactyl and TikTok as @happykelli

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