Off The Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe

Katie Thurston & John Hersey: Don't F*ck with Bachelor Nation

If Katie added a 13th day to the "12 Days of Messy," this episode would be Love Story. Katie and John have saved their story just for Kaitlyn's pod and she has so many questions. Why did Katie send him home so early on The Bachelorette? When did their relationship start? Are they engaged? Bachelor Nation has been trying to figure it all out by searching through LinkedIn and John's mom's Facebook page; so many rumors have circled about them which is why Kaitlyn wanted to just go straight to the source and have these two peas on the pod. Also in this episode, we learn more about John and why he had a difficult time going from a friend to a Lover. Plus, confessions, a game all about K&J, and a name association game with the men of Katie's season!

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