The Big Podcast With Shaq

Shaquille O'Neal talks NBA Playoffs, the Kate Smith controversy, Shaq versus Pat Riley, Shareef's return to UCLA, and a visit to Uncle Shannon's Neighborhood

Shaquille O'Neal starts strong this week because Samsung delayed the release of his fold-out tablet phone after the general public has been breaking them by accident, and he's not happy! We also dive right into the NBA Playoffs, including debate on who is the better player Damien Lillard or Russell Westbrook, what teams have a legit shot at the conference finals. We also get Shaq's take on the Kate Smith controversy, and Shaq thinks the statue should be put back because the outrage was misinterpreted. Shaq also gets to talk about losing a free throw contest to a 10-year old, his son Shareef's return to the court at UCLA, and a hilarious story that Udonis Haslem brought to the show about Shaq and Pat Riley fighting in Miami. We play a visit to Uncle Shannon's neighborhood with some classic audio, of course we get Borderline, and since Shaq was feeling so upbeat this week we decided to bail on a game and answer a bunch of listener questions in Dear Shaq. Follow the show on social media - @Shaqcast on Twitter - The Big Podcast with Shaq on Instagram and Facebook - or email you best clips and question to

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