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NBA Draft Lottery and Playoffs. Are the Spurs done or finished and will the Celtics win a game against the Cavs (2:17 - 6:36). The guys from Mickstape join us for Hot Seat/Cool Throne and Part 1 of our Kareem Abdul Jabbar interview (6:36 - 40:23). We talk John Wooden, Kobe, and the sky hook with Kareem as well as his new book "Wooden and Me". Segments include PR 101 for James Harden, Fair Play the Mike and Mike Break Up, Kings Stay Kings for Rovell's shitty tweets and Antonio Cromartie, Respect the Biz Peyton Manning MC'ing the ESPYS. Embrace Debate for the rest vs rust of the Cavs and Radio Wars vs Mark Cuban.

00:55:33 5/16/2017

Past Episodes

We forgot to watch our Spongebob episode, sorry. Recap of half the Sweet 16. Is Sister Jean too good? Is Coach Cal on the hot seat? Will Gonzaga ever make a Final Four? Plus Big Cat upgrades Bruce Weber to a good + coach. Josh Allen pro day today and we're nervous that Sam Darnold is going to use rain at his pro day to go first in the draft(2:20-14:26). We call our friend Chris Long to talk about his new contract with the Eagles and not the Virginia loss to UMBC, we didn't even bring up the fact that his team was the first team ever to lose to a 16 seed, nope, it never came up (15:58-23:58). Jon Taffer joins the show to talk about his new book, how fear can be a motivator, are millenials killing bars, and we pitch him some business ideas (25:05-54:34). Segments include Kings stay Kings for Nick Saban making Butch Jones his intern (57:51-1:01:30), Uhhh Ya Think (1:01:31-1:03:17), Jimbo for Deion Sanders (1:03:18-1:05:15), and our newest segment "PMT FAQ" where we explain some of our longer running bits for new listeners (1:05:16-1:11:50). 
01:12:34 3/22/2018
Daniel Bryan is back, and that was talking wrestling. Mid Week Tourney thoughts while we wait for basketball to come back. We debate whether or not we should sign Lebron to the Basketball team we own, the New Zealand Breakers, not to brag. Do people want to see President Trump's penis? (2:15-14:02) Hot Seat/Cool Throne including the Nationals, peeing in the sink, and disavowing BitCoiin2Gen. (14:03-27:44) Big Papi aka David Ortiz joins us briefly to talk about life after baseball, how many home runs he could hit this year, how he never knew Dustin Pedroia's first name was Dustin and what Manny Ramirez is doing right now (28:48-41:28). Frank Kaminsky joins the show to talk about joining the podcast world and how often he talks to Michael Jordan. (42:28-59:25) Segments include Perspective for Ryan Donato, (1:01:16-1:05:14) the debut of "Jon Gruden's time machine" (1:05:15-1:06:56), Explain it to Big Cat what is this new Spongebob meme and Guys on Chicks (1:09:40-1:16:20). 
01:17:20 3/20/2018
We're barely coherent off 4 days straight of Basketball. March Madness story lines. UMBC beats Virginia. Xavier, UNC, and Cincy get bounced and Sister Jean captivates a nation. (2:30-18:29) Who's back of the week crying kids and millenials in college basketball. (18:30-25:53) Dan Dakich joins the show to break down the first weekend, what happened to Virginia and who impressed him. (27:02-44:08) NFL RB Danny Woodhead joins the show to talk about his retirement on Friday night, what he'll miss about Football, and which of his former QB's texted him congratulations. (45:10-1:03:55) Segments include a Quake Take (1:07:01-1:08:20), PR 101 Big Baby Davis, (1:08:21-1:12:07) What Offseason for the Jets/Browns trade, (1:12:08-1:17:04) and Mike Greenberg's dumb rules Rory McIlroy wants to ban drinking at PGA events (1:17:05-1:19:20). 
01:20:38 3/18/2018
March Madness is here and it is glorious. Loyola Chicago wins at the buzzer, Buffalo trashes Arizona, man buns are back, and Gonzaga survives. (3:10-11:40) The real story of the day though was Tom Crean to Georgia. Cleaning up NFL Free Agency + Big Cat made a pen pal. (11:41-21:13) Brent Musberger joins the show from Las Vegas to tell us how his Day 1 went and who he likes in Friday's actions. (22:41-29:20) Women's Hockey Gold medalist Amanda Kessel joins the show to talk about beating Canada, shit talking on the ice, and whether or not her brother loves hot dogs. (30:58-40:01) Segments include Respect the Biz (42:45-44:17), PR 101 for John Skipper (44:18-47:30), E-Sports update with Darren Rovell's voicemail (47:31-50:15), Take Quake (50:16-51:36), Embrace Debate is Jon Gruden fun (51:37-53:15) and Explain it to AWL's (53:16-55:47). 
01:02:07 3/15/2018
NFL Free Agency has hit. Kirk Cousins to the Vikings, Sam Bradford to the Cardinals, Teddy Bridgewater might be on the Jets, and the Bears added a bunch of receivers (2:10- 12:15). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including freezing brains for science and shooting people into Mars (12:16-25:53). Mark Titus joins the show to break down the bracket and tell us who has the recipe to win this March, plus some slight Purdue/Xavier slander so be prepared (26:30-58:27). Segments include Breaking Moos as a ton of free agents signed during the show(1:00:28-1:04:09), Problematic Tom Brady drank a beer and ate a strawberry(1:04:10-1:06:17), Hurt or Injured the Warriors are hungover (1:06:18-1:09:08), Talking Tennis (1:09:09-1:10:05), America's worst segment "Hashtag Hyphy" (1:10:06-1:11:55), and Guys on Chicks (1:11:56-1:19:28). 
01:23:31 3/13/2018
They robbed us of the Selection Show and we're mad and red and nude about it (2:21 - 7:39). Who got screwed in the bracket plus March Madness story lines (7:39 - 18:01). Who's Back of the Week featuring Tiger Woods off his huge tournament win (18:01 - 26:58). Former National Champion Vince Young joins the show to talk about life after football, what the National Title game was about, how much he's spent on Cheesecake factory, and why things didn't work out exactly how he wanted in the NFL (26:58 - 63:25). Segments include PR 101 for Odell Beckham, Embrace Debate what's your favorite beer in honor of Baker Mayfield being asked that at the Combine. Tampering update. And the debut of the newest segment "What offseason" where we talk about everything that went on with the NFL over the weekend. 
00:55:33 3/11/2018
Duke is going to win the National Title so forget even watching March Madness this year (2:10-6:16). In honor of National Women's Day we explain all the great things we've done for women (you're welcome, also sup). Brain Dump Friday and NFL Trades (6:17-16:35). Super Bowl 50 Champion Von Miller joins the show to talk about Kirk Cousins recruiting, what the offseason looks like for a veteran, why he doesn't go by the name Vonnie, and whether or not he mouth kisses his Dad (18:56-26:29). Segments include Locker Room Talk for the KC Royals (59:30-1:02:51), Sabermetrics for D-Rose (1:02:52-1:04:52), Olympic Update Holland Fucks, and Roasts read by Bubba because Uncle Chaps has diarrhea (1:04:53-1:15:20). 
01:17:21 3/8/2018
March Madness is almost here we can taste it (2:20 - 6:17). TBS screws up the selection show (6:17 - 9:12). ESPN hires a new President (9:12 - 14:17). Hot Seat/Cool Throne (14:17 -19:12). Joe Buck joins the show to talk about his offseason, how he thought Romo was as an announcer, the fear of tweeting porn links, and whether or not he would give Basketball a try again (19:12 - 61:20). Segments include PR 101 for Canelo Alvarez eating Steroid meat, Mike Greenbergs Dumb Rules for Bullpen Carts. Bachelor talk for guys that don't talk bachelor and Guys on Chicks. 
00:55:33 3/6/2018
The Oscars happened and they were boring. College basketball is awesome and March is our favorite month and this isn't recency bias. Tom Izzo back on the hot seat? (2:10-10:50) Whos back of the week in honor of Phil Mickelson including Lane Kiffin and B words(10:51-20:55). Chicago Bears GM Ryan Pace joins the show to talk about the combine, the draft, Bear Weather, is his hair too nice, and what does "the process" mean in Football (23:00-43:54). Segments include PR 101 for Josh Allen/Sam Darnold (46:32-49:11) Talking Soccer (49:12-50:35), Trouble in Paradise for JR Smith and the Cavs (50:36-53:51), Sabermetrics how many times would you punch yourself in the balls to draft Saquon Barkley (53:51-56:10), the debut of Hashtag Hyphy, and Hanks hot in the streets (56:11-1:00:35). 
01:02:24 3/4/2018
Live from day 3 of the Combine we recap what its like to be surrounded by Football Guys, Todd Haley at the bar, and DraftJoshAllen (2:10-11:02). Brain Dump Friday with some new business ideas (11:03-18:55). Newly signed Jacksonville Jaguars QB Blake Bortles joins the show to talk about his new contract and Oscars preview based on Wikipedia pages (20:33-45:22). Prizefighters GGG and Canelo Alvarez join the show in anticipation of their rematch May 4th (45:27-57:15). Segments include Tim Tebow update, Thoughts and Prayers to Wesley Johnson and Concussions (59:51-1:05:51). Respect the Biz to ESPN for their Sean Miller reporting and Stay Woke on Baseballs being juiced (1:05:52-1:10:49). 
01:12:20 3/1/2018

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