Off The Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe

Kaitlynn Carter: Looking on The Bright Side

What's better than one Kaitlyn? Two Kaitlyn(n)s! One of which has aquaphobia and one has misophonia... curious?!! You'll need to listen! Kaitlynn Carter joins Kaitlyn to talk all about self awareness and seeing the silver linings (a.k.a. THE BRIGHT SIDE - her new podcast) in tough situations which she's certainly had her fair share of -- and in the public eye. Kaitlynn talks about how a reality show about your life and relationship is just an added stress she wouldn't recommend for anyone and how exploring new things about yourself in life (in her case, falling in love with a woman) is really scary but also an amazing opportunity for self discovery. Both Kaitlyn(n)'s share some "mean girl" experiences from their past and how embarrassing it was at the time - something which many girls can relate to - but they agree that everything always turns out okay and that those situations can become a pivotal moment of growth rather than a forever trauma you have to carry. It's a power of positivity episode that is good for the soul.

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