Off The Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe

Kaitlyn & Jason: The BIG one (like real BIG)

A moment we've all been waiting for. Incredibly planned and executed by Jason to be caught on the podcast which is extremely fitting for their love story because the podcast is how Kaitlyn & Jason "first met", how he asked her out on their first date and how they have continued to share their life together with all of us. Early in the recording, Kaitlyn says that her horoscope said that this was going to be "a really good podcast" and well... it wasn't wrong.

Random side note - for anyone looking for Nashville restaurant recommendations, you will also want to listen to this episode because that is the topic of the "fake" podcast plan that Jason and Clio secretly put together to surprise Kaitlyn! Something she didn't see coming from a millllllllllion miles away while sharing all of her fav Nashville spots.

You can find Kaitlyn & Jason on IG at @kaitlynbristowe and @jasontartick

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