House of Kim with Kim Zolciak

Just Another Manifest Monday

House Of Kim is now two days a week! In this first "Manifest Monday" Kim and Kroy catch you up on their Thanksgiving adventures. They want to hear about your holiday stories so make sure to call or text the fan hotline at 323-213-8100. Kim also talks about how she feels about seeing the twins turn 5, which is something else they'd love to hear you weigh in on via the fan hotline. Shifting holidays gears just a bit Kroy lets you know just how much Christmas decorating goes on at their house and it turns out it's a lot. Finally the positive segment is all about sprinkling "Magic Dust" AKA spreading gratitude's sparkling energy. Sponsors for this episode of House Of Kim are: Scentbird Go to and use promo code KIM to get 50% off of your first month Blink Check out Blink's line of home security cameras and take advantage of their current sales by going to Rocket Mortgage Go to to get started now

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