Uncut with Jay Cutler

Josh McCown talks coaching football, today's QB play in the NFL, his journeyman career and ping pong battles in Chicago on Uncut with Jay Cutler

Jay sits down with former teammate and friend Josh McCown, a journeyman quarterback who played alongside Jay in Chicago. Jay dives into Josh's coaching on the high school level, and what he carries into his HS job from his years in NFL systems. And of course with two seasoned quarterbacks, they get into today's QB play in the NFL, and how spread offenses are an accepted standard in today's game, and guys like Lamar Jackson need to adapt to becoming a pocket passer to extend his career. And as Josh's son goes through recruitment he jokes about how wildly different it is from when he and Jay were recruited. Plus both Jay and Josh get into how they've tried to approach football with their kids, and when is the right time to get them into pads and tackle. And it wouldn't be complete without Jay and Josh joking about their ping pong battles in Chicago, and how they approached their games as they got later in their careers. Make sure to follow Jay on Twitter (@JayHasTweets) and on Instagram (@ifjayhadinstagram) for the latest on the show!

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