The KSHE Tapes

John Paul Jones, the bassist from Led Zeppelin in a 1999 interview promoting his new record, Zooma. ZoomaZoomaZooma...

U-Man and Favazz with Zeppelin's bass player.

The KSHE Tapes
00:20:22 4/11/2019

Past Episodes

Nikki doesn't like Sammy.
00:15:39 6/27/2019
The band Boston might be the most overplayed on radio.
00:26:10 6/20/2019
U-Man and Favazz relive this interview with someone who is gone too soon.
00:40:09 6/6/2019
U-Man and Favazz doing one of the many interviews we have with the Red Rocker.
00:19:25 5/16/2019

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