John Cameron Mitchell and Creating Hedwig - The Film Scene w/ Illeana Douglas

#JohnCameronMitchell #Hedwig #IlleanaDouglas Johns Cameron Mitchell's New York stage appearances included Broadway's Big River, The Secret Garden, Six Degrees of Separation, and Larry Kramer's The Destiny of Me for which he won an Obie Award. He starred in and wrote the book for the original 1998 Off-Broadway production of Hedwig and the Angry Inch for which he won an Obie Award along with co-creator composer Stephen Trask. In 2001 John directed, wrote, and starred in the film adaptation which won him Best Director at Sundance and a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actor. He was executive producer of Jonathan Caouette's documentary Tarnation (2004) and his sexually frank improv-based film Shortbus was released in 2006. He directed Rabbit Hole (2011) adapted from the Pulitzer Prize-winning play and starring Nicole Kidman in an Oscar-nominated performance. He's also appearing as a recurring character on the HBO series GIRLS and preparing to direct a film adaptation of Neil Gaiman's punk era story How to Talk to Girls at Parties. Make sure to subscribe to Popcorn Talk! - HELPFUL LINKS: Website - Follow us on Twitter - Merch - ABOUT POPCORN TALK: Popcorn Talk Network is the online broadcast network with programming dedicated exclusively to movie discussion, news, interviews and commentary. Popcorn Talk Network is comprised of the leading members and personalities of the film press and community including E!'s Maria Menounos. Current Roster or Shows: -Anatomy of a Movie -Box Office Breakdown -Meet the Movie Press -Guilty Movie Pleasures -Marvel Movie News -DC Movie News -Action Movie Anatomy -Watchalong Series!

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