Off The Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe

Jillian Harris: Home Is Where the Farm (& Wine) Is

Kaitlyn and Jillian are coming to you straight from the flower farm, wine in hand and friendship very much intact since Jill last came on the pod a year ago. It's a mini Bachelorette reunion (though they want to plan a full one) as the two catch up on everything from Jillian's one million projects to their mutual love of manifesting to their upcoming nuptials. Jillian has had an entrepreneurial spirit since childhood (actually, some may have called her a scam artist) and the spirit lives on as she continues inspiring others through The Jilly Academy, her Jilly Boxes (with over a 100K waitlist), and her social impact... not to mention raising kids while operating an actual farm. While it may look perfect on the highlight reel, KB & Jilly bond over their shared struggles with comparison culture and imposter syndrome, how they've both learned and grown over the years (and how they've screwed up), and running their businesses with their hearts. Plus, you're not going to want to miss yet another hoo-ha confession and a game of Mad Libs gone terribly wrong (or right?).

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