Spike's Car Radio

The original Porch Boys Jerry, Spike and Z recap their Pebble Beach Concours trip, the Zagato 356 break down and the Type 64 auction blunder. Then, Jim Jeffries sits down to discuss his hit Comedy Central talk show, celebrity fans, and his disdain for New Zealand comedy audiences.

Spike's Car Radio
01:18:36 8/28/2019

Past Episodes

Spike and Z take a deep dive into the hype surrounding the new Porsche Taycan. Later, they respond to some fan questions before welcoming NASCAR driver Michael Waltrip to discuss his record setting 462 race losing streak, an amazing story documented in his film Blink of an Eye.
00:59:21 9/11/2019
SCR visits Pebble Beach with special guest Adam Carolla. They discuss the collector car market, historic racing and Adam's latest projects, including his documentary Winning: The Racing Life of Paul Newman. Later, Spike and Adam answer audience questions.
01:03:28 9/4/2019
Spike teams up with Porsche to host a conversation with Hurley Haywood & Patrick Dempsey about their movie Hurley and Porsche Racing.
01:02:53 8/21/2019
Builder, collector, and man with a beard Magnus Walker and Bloomberg writer Hannah Elliott are in studio talking Porsches, automotive writing, and gearing up for Monterey Car week.
01:08:34 8/14/2019
LA Times Journalist and host of the new podcast, "Larger than Life" joins to talk about his exploration of the legendary street racer "Big Willie" Robinson who united LA after the Watts riots.
00:57:31 8/7/2019
Spike, Matt Farah, and Z hunker down at Matt Farah's house on a Sunday morning to discuss the new Corvette, Tesla's self driving madness, and listener's questions.
01:10:02 7/31/2019
Chairman of the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance Sandra Button calls in to discuss this year's big event. Then Concours judge Colin Feichtmeir discusses what it takes to get your classic car accepted and how it will be judged.
01:02:26 7/24/2019
The Outlaw himself Rod Emory takes Spike on a tour of his garage and give details on a few of his current projects at Emory Motorsports.
01:14:08 7/17/2019
Spike, Z, and Farah are hanging out on the porch at Bill's in Malibu to talk about some of their most embarrassing car stories. Plus, they share listener embarrassments too!
01:25:21 7/10/2019
Bo Bushnell, founder of the Outlaw Archive, talks about his journey tracking down and documenting the historical memorabilia of notorious motorcycle gangs of the 60's and 70's. Everyone from the Straight Satans to the Hell's Angels. Also his partnership with co-host Paul Zuckerman; his conversation with an associate of Charles Manson; where it's all headed and how the archive began with a flea market photo album.
00:57:21 7/3/2019

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