Adam Carolla Show

Jermaine Fowler on Con-Air & Botany + Mary Morgan on Women's Suffrage & Online Dating

Mary Morgan joins the show and talks about online dating and why the internet is ruining Gen Z. She then shares her issues with women voting and how it has affected the country's history. Next, Chris reports the news giving updates on Lizzo not quitting music and JK Rowling not being arrested for her controversial tweet. Adam also adds to the Spanish Soccer President kissing scandal and the group talks about country star Morgan Wallen being arrested for throwing a chair off a 6-story building. Lastly, Jermaine Fowler joins the show and talks about filming his latest projects in Australia. The group also chats about botany before nerding out on classic Nicolas Cage movies like The Rock and Con-Air. For more with Jermaine Fowler: * "Sting" is in theaters nationwide on April 12th For more with Mary Morgan: * "Pop Culture Crisis" is available on YouTube * TWITTER & INSTAGRAM: @MaryArchived Thank you for supporting our sponsors: * *

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