Off The Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe

Jenny Mollen: Social Media, Rejection, and Loving Jasons

Fellow Gemini, pup rescuer, and Jason lover, Jenny Mollen, joins Kaitlyn to talk about all the important things in life: relationships, parenting, and of course, The Bachelor franchise. These two may not have connected before (other than some lighthearted digs on Twitter) but it feels like they've been friends for years as they talk about everything from growing older to bettering yourself through therapy to living life on social media. Now they have even more in common as Jenny has started her very own pod, Third Wheel, which dives into the relationships we all want to know more about. Jenny is also about to release her third book, City of Likes, a novel that has the essence of The Devil Wears Prada but if Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway had sex. As intriguing as it sounds, Jenny talks about all of the rejection and hard work it took to get this book to become a reality. Finally, Jenny shares some parenting and relationship tips, including how to explain to your children that their father famously *made love to* a pie, and why her @DictatorLunches Instagram account helps her connect to her kids in a new way. Be sure to check out Jenny on Instagram @JennyMollen and listen to her new podcast, Third Wheel, which may feature Kaitlyn and her Jason in a future episode...

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