Big Shot Bob Pod with Robert Horry

Jenna Bandy joins Robert Horry to talk about her social media stardom, setting world records, and challenges Big Shot Bob to a shooting challenge!

The Big Shot Bob podcast is back after the holidays, and we get the lowdown on B-Dog's bout with COVID, and Rob's holiday with his mom. And of course the Antonio Brown drama takes center stage, and when asked if Rob ever had a teammate he was concerned about, he breaks out a classic story about Dennis Rodman shredding Kurt Rambis and getting thrown out of practice! Plus social media superstar Jenna Bandy joins the show, and tells the guys how she grew her wild basketball skills into a job in social media, her crazy list of wins and accomplishments, and she even levels a challenge to our very own Robert Horry. Jenna also sticks around for a very appropriate Big Shot of the Week, and the guys break down the coming National Championship Game.

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