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Jen Syrowitz is the new Executive Director of Washington Outdoor Women (WOW), and Ronnie McGlenn, is the Founder. WOW has been here in the Puget Sound area for 22 years, providing important classes and trainings for women, by women, to keep us safe in nature. It's also about respecting the land and all nature. Washington Outdoor Women began with just a few classes, but keeps growing and expanding which attests to its popularity. September 13-15 is the time of the Fall weekend Workshop. Held at Lazy F Camp near Ellensburg. Check the website for registration. Some scholarships are available. It can be life changing. Find out more at:

Inspirational Women
00:30:47 7/21/2019

Past Episodes

Super storyteller, and the very popular and prolific local author JA Jance is with us to reveal that a new Beaumont book (#26) is out on Monday. She has a number of local book events beginning Monday evening at Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park. Check the website to find where they are happening, along with the details. This new book, Sins of the Fathers. is another gripping story that takes us on an intriguing ride, touching on my contemporary issues--grandparents raising their grandchildren, homelessness, drug addiction in the adults and babies; and DNA testing. These are all issues that Judith is passionate about and she is masterful in including them in the story.
00:30:19 9/22/2019
Sophie Poldermans is a Dutch lecturer and women's rights activist, and the founder of "Sophie's Women of War." Sophie has documented some World War II history in her new boook: "Seducing and Killing Nazis". She personally knew Truus and Freddie Oversteegen for 20 years and worked closely with them for over a decade as a board member of the National Hannie Schaft Foundation. Hannie Schaft was killed by Nazis for her work in the Dutch Resistance, just 7 weeks before the war ended. She was just 25, and had been doing her work since she was 19. These Dutch Heroines gathered vital information, provided Jewish children with safe houses, stole identification papers, and bombed railways, along with liquidating the invaders. Sophie carries on this work because she knows we must not forget the past, as well, war continues, and women and children continue to be victimized. ,
00:30:59 9/15/2019
Saeeda Hafiz is a yoga teacher and wellness expert, a holistic health educator, and also an author: The Healing--One Woman's Journey from Poverty to Inner Riches. Sometimes with the fall season comes a time of feeling we can push a reset button on our life plans. We might glean some ideas from Saeeda as she provides an open sharing of her life--one filled with addiction, domestic violence and poverty. Saeeda's journey, surviving her childhood and youth, and choosing education, was her way to break the cycle. She honestly shares her life with the hope that others find encouragement and hope for their own life.
00:31:33 9/8/2019
Heather Hansen is a trial lawyer with 20 years' experience focused on medical malpractice cases. She's consistently named one of the top 50 female attorneys in Pennsylvania. Heather works as a communications consultant, appearing on CNN, NBC, Fox News Channel, and is the host of The Elegant Warrior podcast. And Heather is now an author, providing an important and useful book, a manual, to navigate our world--The Elegant Warrior: How to Win Life's Trials Without Losing Yourself.
00:30:28 8/31/2019
Laura Gassner Otting is an entrepreneur, a philanthropic activist--she helped shape AmeriCorps -- and author. Her book: Limitless--How to Ignore Everybody, Carve Your Own Path, and Live Your Best Life" captures in print the work Laura does in the world, working with thousands of leaders at crisis points in their life. Laura consults and is an executive coach. And her book helps us uncover the passion we have and make it work in harmony with the 'work' that we do in the world. As the title says--guiding us in living our best life. Find out more at
00:32:16 8/25/2019
Aimee Ross is a mother, a wife, a daughter, a high school English teacher, and the author of "Permanent Marker, a Memoir" an open and honest sharing of a specific time in her life that occurred 10 years ago. These are things we may relate to because we've had them happen. In Aimee's case in just the span of 5 months, she went through a divorce, had a heart attack, and nearly died as the result of a car crash, hit by an intoxicated driver. But Aimee is a survivor and in this gripping story we can find great inspiration and encouragement. Learn more at
00:31:28 8/17/2019

Helene Berger is an inspiring woman, the author of "Choosing Joy: Alzheimer's, A Book of Hope". Written as a result of her personal experiences in caring for her husband for the last 6 years of his life following his diagnosis, Helene discovered some simple but profound ways to be with, and help her husband. One very important thing is to get help, and give yourself time to rest and regenerate. There was the discovery of 'the magic of questions'. Rather than directing him, asking him what he would want completely changed the energy. While the book is about a journey through Alzheimers, it's really about living an inspiring life. 

00:30:26 8/11/2019
Lisa Manheim is the cofounder of a unique non profit organization: Tour de Pier, and Executive Director for the Hirshberg Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer research. 7 years ago the first Tour de Pier happened in Southern California. This September the first one takes place on the shores of Lake Union, with 100 or more stationary bikes in use for 5 hours, with typically 5 riders/1 hours each. Seattle's love of cycling, and the major commitment to cancer research, make it the ideal place for this event. It happens Saturday, September 14, at Lake Union, but it's very important to register now and get organized. Do so at the website.
00:30:55 8/4/2019

Christina Kelly is the Director of Communications with the American Cancer Society. Making Strides for Breast Cancer is a major fall fundraising event, taking place October 19th at Gas Works Park. But there's a lot of prep that needs to get done for a successful fundraiser. There's a big Kick-Off on Thursday, August 8th, 7-9pm at Woodland Park Zoo--"Wild for a Cure". Guests will get to see some of the Zoo in the evening, but also get great info on creating a team, and fun and successful ways to raise funds. Creating an event around something you enjoy doing works well; something like a wine-tasting where people have fun together and make donations. 

00:29:48 7/28/2019
Debbie Graham MSW is the Executive Director of Pacific Treatment Alternatives-Snohomish County PCAP, in Everett. In her work Debbie sees the effects of domestic abuse, addiction, homelessness, on women, and often women with children. And with the PCAP program, Debbie tells us how it helps link mothers to community resources that will help them build and maintain healthy, independent family lives. It assure that the children are in safe, stable home environments and receiving appropriate health care. There are 18 such centers in the Puget Sound area. Women can receive this support for 3 years, a good amount of time to begin to build a foundation. A benefit concert featuring Loretta Lynn's granddaughter, Tayla Lynn, is being held at The Historic Everett Theater on Saturday July 19th, 7pm. Funds support the building of an emergency shelter for women and their children. Visit for more information.
00:30:12 7/14/2019

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