Adam Carolla Show

Jeff Leach on Nepo-Babies and Smooth Operator + Linda Hamilton

Adam begins the show trying to figure out the motive of a driver he recently encountered. Next, Jeff Leach joins the show and brings his dog- which he believed was at Adam's request. The guys chat about MILF's, porn, and average penises. Chris reports the news on Kanye allegedly being kicked out of Super Bowl and his weird Super Bowl commercial. Jeff argues that Taylor Swift is overrated. They also talk about the new Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominees and hear about a Jackie Robinson statue stolen for its metal. Lastly, Linda Hamilton joins the show to chat about the new season of Resident Alien. She and Adam also talk about James Cameron and Stranger Things. Linda also shares a theory about aliens and Adam declares that many conspiracy theories are on the table now. For more with Jeff Leach: * PODCAST: 'Comic Cougar Convo' ? Full episodes available on YouTube or via Patreon. * LIVE DATES: Vegas - COMEDY CELLAR at the Rio Hotel - March 11 to 25 * STAND-UP SPECIAL: JEFF LEACH: A COMEDY SPECTACULAR ? Available on YouTube * WEBSITE: * TWITTER: @ jeffleach For more with Linda Hamilton: * Watch the new season of Resident Alien on SYFY Thank you for supporting our sponsors: * or Dial #LAW (#529) * *, use CAROLLA at check for 15% off

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