Adam Carolla Show

Jay Mohr back in studio, and Joe Praino on News

Comedian Jay Mohr joins Adam to talk about Jay's new movie Sweet Dreams with Johnny Knoxville. Jay talks about struggling with diet and exercise before finally taking the Mounjaro shot. They also talk about OJ Simpson, Kenny Rogers and other iconic men's beards. Jay invites Adam to watch a Lakers game after he tells him about Eric Yarber and their shared history. They theorize about the sudden increase of piss bottles on the side of the highway as we revisit Bobby Hollander's iconic tape and Shauna Grant's tragic end. Lastly, Joe Praino reports news stories about the backlash Nike faces for the 2024 Paris Olympics uniforms, OJ's lawyer vowing to keep money from the Goldman's, and more Menendez Brothers news. For more with Jay Mohr: * Follow Jay @JayMohr37 on Instagram * Go see Jay Mohr Live in: ? Phoenix, AZ - House of Comedy - April 19th-20th ? Irvine, CA - Irvine Improv - May 3rd-4th * More Dates at For more with Joe Praino: * Follow Joe Praino @FixYourLife on Twitter, & @JoePraino on Instagram * For dates go to Thank you for supporting our sponsors: * * * http:/ *

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