Adam Carolla Show

Jay Leno, Brandon Tatum, Nell Newman, and James Cox

Brandon Tatum joins the show and talks about his history in law enforcement and what it was like for him to pull people over. Brandon suggests people take ride-alongs with cops to understand their process and hopefully end certain assumptions about law enforcement's protocol. The guys also chat about actress Jennifer Lewis comparing Trump to Hitler, The Rock regretting endorsing Biden, a downtown LA restaurant charging a security fee, Tiger Woods abstaining from sex for The Masters, and Seattle public schools ending their gifted programs. Next, Adam performs at the National Automobile Museum in Reno. He is joined by Jay Leno and the guys talk about Paul Newman's final appearance on The Tonight Show. Jay also talks about his motorcycle collection and shares his knowledge on some automotive history. Lastly, Nell Newman and James Cox join Adam on stage. Nell talks about the history of Newman's Own. Next, James talks about the first time he met Nell and being gifted Paul Newman's Rolex Daytona, which became the highest priced wristwatch ever sold at auction. For more with Brandon Tatum: * Subscribe to "The Officer Tatum" on YouTube or listen to his show wherever podcasts are available * Twitter and Instagram: @TheOfficerTatum For more with National Automobile Museum in Reno: * Check out the Paul Newman Collection now! ? Thank you for supporting our sponsors: * * *, enter code: Adam

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