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Jason Fitz (ESPN Radio, The Band Perry), and A Game of Thrones Quiz

Jason Fitz (co-host of Spain and Fitz on ESPN Radio, former fiddle player for The Band Perry) joins Austin to talk going to high school with J.C. Chasez, being in a MAN band, playing Carnegie Hall at the age of 10, getting into Julliard, if Letterman's old studio was as cold as people say it was, his tattoos, how he felt Nashville did hosting the NFL Draft, how he feels about pedal taverns in downtown Nashville, what Nashville was like back in the day, the reason why he's an Oakland Raiders fan, and a game of 'What's Harder?' Plus, Austin is joined by comedian and host of Never Seen It podcast, Kyle Ayers, to be quizzed about the most recent episode (Season 8, Episode 3) of Game of Thrones.

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