Divorce Sucks with Laura Wasser

Jacqui Knapp Candidly Organized & Post-divorce Insurance Tips from Policygenius

Divorce is a good reason to get organized. Professional organizer and outspoken creative, Jacqui Knapp joins Laura to share tips for divorcees to stay organized before, during and after divorce. Jacqui also reveals how her famous fashion designer mom's divorce shaped the woman she's become. They're joined by journalist Hanna Horvath who writes for Policygenius the online insurance agency, to discuss some of the things you may not have thought about as you embark upon dissolving a marriage, including health, car and medical insurance. On the Sunny Side Up Report Laura and Johnnie serve up the latest celebrity divorce story about Miley Cyrus and the girl-on-girl kiss that preceded her divorce announcement, plus more ripped from the headlines about breaking up and moving on to the next chapter.

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