Global Truths with Dr Keith Suter (AUS)

New Zealand's Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has made headlines after deliveringthe world's first ever "wellbeing budget". Dr Keith Suter breaks down what exactly that means and why other countries should be following suit.

Global Truths with Dr Keith Suter (AUS)
00:17:04 6/13/2019

Past Episodes

How will Robert Mugabe, the former Prime Minister of Zimbabwe be remembered? These days his tyranny is mostly what we saw, but will some people still regard him a hero? Dr. Keith Suter discusses the life of Mugabe and how his leadership changed over the years.
00:17:49 9/12/2019
Is Australia obsessed with the housing market? The Australian dream of owning your own slice of land is seemingly harder than ever, Dr. Keith Suter talks about the history of the housing market and what the impact of foreign investors has on our prices.
00:19:31 9/5/2019
Most of us just think dams are there to hold water. But what do they really do? Dr. Keith Suter explains the importance of dams to most cities and why we need to maintain a strong upkeep and create more public attention around them.
00:17:26 8/29/2019
In the wake of his death, Jeffrey Epstein set up a will worth half a billion dollars in assets. Dr. Keith Suter discusses the history of Epstein, his connections and the conspiracies surrounding his untimely suicide.
00:19:09 8/22/2019
It’s been 50 years since America first touched down on the moon, so why hasn’t anything else happened since then? Dr. Keith Suter explains the new space race between China, India, Russia and America and how it could affect the 50 year old space treaty.
00:17:06 8/8/2019
97% of scientists believe there is a severe human impact on our climate. So why isn’t more being done? Dr. Keith Suter discusses a possible breakdown in communication from scientists and some strategies on how we could move to a greener society.
00:20:20 8/1/2019
Is he a genius or just a showman? Boris Johnson certainly is something. Dr. Keith Suter discusses the interesting life of the new UK Prime Minister and how he coasted into the position of power he sits in now.
00:18:03 7/25/2019
In this second part, Dr. Keith Suter dives deeper into the roots of the many conflicts in the Middle East, explaining that solving the issue isn't as easy as a truce between Israel and Palestine. 
00:17:03 7/18/2019
Will peace ever be established in the Middle East? In this first part, Dr. Keith Suter takes us back through the history of the conflicts that embedded a deep-seeded struggle that continues to this day.
00:21:43 7/11/2019
By the year 2035 there will be as many people going for their first job in Africa than the rest of the world combined. Dr. Keith Suter explains the key factors of the huge economic growth in Africa and why we should be investing more in this Forgotten Continent.
00:17:59 7/4/2019

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