Reusse Unchained

Reusse and Judd are back this week with Reusse's last appearance from Florida.

The boys had plenty to discuss this week:

  • Twins final days of Spring Training
  • Trevor Bauer
  • Gophers postseason run coming to an end
  • Duke scrapping by UCF
  • Wolves and their looming ticketing issue
  • The Wild
  • The State of College Hockey
  • Positive Pat on Gopher Basketball
  • Unchained on Duke and the NCAA Selection Committee
  • Go Henning Hornets!

Reusse Unchained
00:46:00 3/24/2019

Past Episodes

Reusse returns a less happy individual as football training camps open at the end of the week meaning all freedom goes out the window as all attention turns towards the NFL. Judd and Pat do celebrate Shane Lowry's British Open victory before jumping into the dire straights the Twins bullpen are in. After a lengthy Twins conversation the boys get into football as the Vikings are set to open Training Camp this week and discuss what the expectations are around the team. To close the show we get a mild version of Unchained and the return of Positive Pat.
00:00:00 7/21/2019
Reusse is back with another edition of Unchained and this one ends with Reusse going fully Unchained on several topics at the end so you'll want to stick around for that. Patrick Ruesse and Judd Zulgad open the show discussing the Twins taking two of three from Cleveland before they dive into the Wolves and what's going on in the NBA. The show ends with Reusse going full Unchained on commentators using certain phrases and eight year olds playing first base.
00:49:00 7/14/2019
Reusse and Judd return for a brief edition of Reusse Unchained after a weekend trip to D.C. for Reusse. The boys discuss the US Women winning the World Cup, something called Duckpin Bowling, the Twins bullpen woes, and how bad the Wolves will be this upcoming season.
00:00:00 7/8/2019
Reusse comes in baffled that so many people were disappointed that the Wolves missed out on another big name free agent considering their past. Reusse and Judd discuss the Wolves doing the right thing but it eventually collapsing underneath them, the Twins only getting two All Stars, Comiskey being better than Wrigley, and Sano hitting again. In the Unchained portion of the show today Reusse tries to understand what the hell is going on in soccer before he has Judd try and explain what the Wild are doing.
00:49:00 6/30/2019
Reusse returns for another week of Unchained talk about the week in Minnesota sports and he's joined this week by Manny Hill. Reusse & Manny talk about the KPMG golf tournament this past weekend and later get into what to expect from Gopher Football this year. Also, the Twins bats have cooled a bit. Reusse then gets unchained on Jarrett Culver and we get a dose of Positive Pat on the College World Series.
00:48:00 6/23/2019
This week on Reusse Unchained was a surprisingly calm week from Reusse but Judd was still able to find somethings that got Reusse stirring a bit. The boys discuss the ceremony for Joe Mauer and Mackey's questions of whether Joe could have ever been a different hitter if he was brought up in a different era. Also, on this edition of Reusse Unchained the guys talk about the trade market in baseball already being open and the Twins needing to pounce now, the US Open, Kirk Cousins' comments from last week, and the Vikings calling Rudolph's bluff. Reusse also shares a Fulda story and the boys end with a mild Unchained, no Positive Pat today.
00:49:00 6/16/2019
Reusse and Judd return for another helping of Reusse Unchained in which Reusse get's really Unchained about the Twins demoting La Tortuga for ANOTHER right-handed reliever. The boys also discuss the David Ortiz news, making the trade for Madison Bumgarner, and that Max Muncy quote that everyone seemed to love. Also on the show today the boys discuss the Stanley Cup Finals, the Wolves/D'Angelo Russel story, and Positive Pat makes an appearance.
00:00:00 6/9/2019
*Reusse is back from Oklahoma City after covering the Gopher Softball team's trip to the Women's College World Series. He, Judd and Manny talk about the Twins' 40-18 start, and Reusse wants to know why some are resenting the Twins success. Also, why did Amir Coffey decide to stay in the NBA Draft?
00:00:00 6/2/2019
Reusse, Judd and Manny give their power rankings for which of the "Big 4" teams in town are the closest to having success over the next few years.
00:00:00 5/20/2019
The spectacular Game 7s in the NBA playoffs. The Twins' less-than-stellar weekend series against the Detroit Tigers. What Patrick likes and dislikes about softball. As is usually the case with our guy, there are few subjects on which he doesn't have an opinion and this week's episode of Unchained is no exception. Patrick explains why getting excited about a baseball team a month-plus into the season can be a mistake and ends with an appearance from Positive Pat in which PP gives us the lowdown on Patrick's upcoming trip to Montreal.
00:46:00 5/12/2019

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