Sockets and Cylinders with Smyth Automotive

It's the question we've all had to ask ourselves and It's not any easy one to answer. Should I fix it or buy a new car? It's not any easy answer. StattMan and Andrew Rosen go over the decision making process. It's almost a mathematical equation on cost to fix vs cost to buy new.

Sockets and Cylinders with Smyth Automotive
00:12:39 2/3/2019

Past Episodes

AAPEX, SEMA and AWDA is where all the latest Auto Parts are showcased. Andrew Rosen from Smyth Automotive traveled to Las Vegas for the shows. His stories of what happened in Vegas are not Staying In Vegas. Vendor Mention: Spectra Premium Parts and Mevotech TTX Off Road.
00:10:26 1/18/2019
What can you expect in 2019? Andrew Rosen from Smyth Automotive and StattMan from B-105 talk about the latest technology in cars. The cars today have been designed with technology that will blow your mind.
00:17:10 1/10/2019
Epic stories from a legendary road trip down Route 66. Andrew Rosen, StattMan and his brother Tom talk about the Lemons Rally Race down Route 66. The Rally is titled "Route Sucky Suck" for a reason. We also debut our rally cars for the next road rally. Special thanks to Grote Lights, Centric Brakes and Dorman Parts.
00:22:48 1/3/2019
With the help of, Andrew Rosen and StattMan, get your car ready for the colder weather. Safety is key in this episode of Sockets & Cylinders. Brought to you by Smyth Automotive.
00:16:18 12/31/2018
Steve Tucker is saving young drivers lives with He has been working with racing legend Clay Millican and other top drivers to educate new drivers. Hear how tragedy has lead to change on today's episode of Sockets & Cylinders with B-105 StattMan and Smyth Automotive's Andrew Rosen.
00:16:34 12/7/2018
Andrew Rosen has special guests "Eric The Car Guy" and "Drew Money" And with cool names like that you know this episode is going to be fun. "Drew Money" is working on a Pontiac Trans Am documentary and has learned some really cool history about the car. He tells some mind blowing Trans-Am stories you probably haven't heard before and more.
00:25:01 11/8/2018
Stattman and Andrew Rosen talk about getting your car ready for winter!
00:17:00 11/2/2018
Stattman and Andrew Rosen bring back in Eric The Car Guy!
00:16:00 10/27/2018
Stattman and Andrew Rosen talk to Eric the Car Guy!
00:20:00 10/5/2018
More celebrities than ever are buying car dealerships. Mark Wahlberg, Jeff Gordon and even Warren Buffet. StattMan and Andrew Rosen talk about the growing trend and if you buy a new car some things to do to make it last longer. Featured Vendors: Wix Oil Filters, Exxon- Mobil Oil, Centric Brake Pads And New Tek Brake Pads
00:12:05 9/4/2018

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