Barely Famous

Is Barely Famous Fact or Cap? + Instagram Questions

Kail talks to Party Shirt (@partyshirt) the duo behind the Fact or Cap videos all over Tiktok. Find out how these House DJs with music aspirations got involved with viral debunking videos. These modern day MythBusters also reveal the best Fact or Cap video they have ever done and what type of videos they hope to make in the future. Also, in the second half of the episode Kail answers questions from Instagram such as: Will she have more kids? Would she ever reconcile with Briana? How is depression affecting her being a mom? + much more. Please support the show by checking out our sponsors! BFB: My listeners get 15% off all hair products when you go to and use code BARELYFAMOUS at checkout Dave: Download the Dave app from the App store right now. Sign up for an Extra Cash account and get up to 500 dollars instantly. BetterHelp: Our listeners get 10% off their first month at

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